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About Gabi



Gabi was born on February 3rd. 1988, in Rehovot, Israel, where he spent most of his life, including nursery and school. His family included his parents, Fanya and Gil, his sister Ayelet, and his brother Ben.




Gabi's family placed emphasis on the love of nature, travel and country. Even at an early age, perched in a baby-seat on a parent's back, he toured both within Israel and abroad.

As soon as he was walking on his own, Gabi became an enthusiastic participant in the weekend hiking group his family belonged to. Later he joined a biking-nature-tour group as well as a youth movement devoted to hiking in Israel.

While growing up, Gabi joined his family on trips around the word, visiting England and Scotland the USA (coast-to-coast), Italy and France, Croatia, Kenya, Thailand, Ireland and Finland His interest in both nature and people bloomed and flowered during these trips


As a child, Gabi was always curious, hungry to learn more, a quick learner with an outstanding memory, getting good grades even though he spent little time on schoolwork. His interests lay mainly in the sciences: mathematics and physics. He participated in after-school activities on these subjects both at school and at the Weizmann Institute of Science.


From age 6, Gabi took after-school martial arts classes. He practiced Meijin Kai (a holistic martial art using the most efficient technique for all facets of fighting). He advanced to a level where he was coaching younger students of the technique as well as working on his own proficiency. He earned his black belt just before joining the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Gabi's study of martial arts helped him develop important skills, both physical (agility, coordination, fitness) and mental (ability to focus, self-restraint, a giving attitude). Alongside these, there were competitiveness and an ambition for excellence. Gabi participated in competitions such as national championships, frequently achieving first or second place.


The family's pets were probably the basis for Gabi's love of animals. At 11, he began working as a dogsitter for neighbors.
Gabi loved music, too. As a child, he played a small organ, and later learned guitar.
Gabi loved challenges. This quality, together with his excellent physical fitness and love of sport, found expression in another pastime: extreme sports. He scaled cliffs and climbing walls, went snappling, diving and bungee-jumping. He requested (and got) a surfing kite for his birthday, using it before his trip to Asia. In Nepal, he experienced – and loved – river kayaking.

But above all else, Gabi was a social person, always spending much time – sometimes most of his day – with friends. Early on, he and several of his classmates (including Ofer) became a tight-knit, lively, mischievous group, enjoying each others' company throughout their school years. After graduating high-school, they took a pre-army vacation together in Finland.



In August, 2006, Gabi became a member of an elite